About Us

The Team

Mike Pinto — Music/Sound/Programming/Story/Puzzles
My first exposure to adventure games was in the late 1980s. One of my childhood friends had the first King’s Quest on his family’s IBM PC, and I was hooked from the moment I saw it. After many years of avidly playing adventure games from Space Quest to Tex Murphy to Rise of the Dragon, I discovered my other passion, music. My love of music led me to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston and eventually to New York City, where I performed and taught jazz (while also programming websites, since jazz doesn’t always pay the bills). While composing music for my latest electronic music album, I enlisted the help of artist Neil Numberman to design album art inspired by retro video games. When I saw Neil’s first pieces of art and how perfectly they fit with my compositions, the world of Bik was born. I had no choice but to turn the idea into a full-on video game. Check out www.mikepinto.net for more of my music (including some jazz interpretations of favorite science fiction themes!).

– Patrick Chase – Story/Puzzles/Lead tester
Patrick believes video games peaked in the Commodore 64 era.  He made it to the last level of Wasteland before realizing he’d abandoned the character with the quasar key.

– Neil Numberman — Art/Animation/Character Design
Neil Numberman is the illustrator of the “Joey Fly, Private Eye” graphic novel series for kids and the picture books Do Not Build a Frankenstein! and Flip & Fin. He also does illustration and animation work for a wide range of clients, including MTV’s Liquid Television and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. Check out more of his work at www.neilnumberman.com!

Story Input: Michael Masnik, Robin Pinto;
additional thanks to Stevy Pyne.