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Sequence State System

Building a sequence state system is an absolute must for keeping in game sequences manageable.  A sequence is usually a scripted event that the player is not in control of.  It could be a full screen animation or an in game event.   Having this type of system allows you to start or end a sequence at any moment. (more…)

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Building an adventure game save system in Unity.

Today I’d like to talk about the save system I designed for Bik.

I’ll try to be as simple as possible so you can use this information in any way you need.  Originally I began to implement my own method and would save the information to XML files but it was taking a while and was not very robust, and I wanted the game to come out before the end of my life, so I turned to the Asset store once again.  I use a plugin called Easy Save 2 for actually writing and reading the variables to and from a file. (more…)

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Building a 2D point and click adventure game in Unity3D.

*EDIT (I am currently available to consult or help implement my adventure game framework for your project..more info here: **

Here is a video demonstration of the latest version of the editor for my framework:

Hi Everyone,
This is the first of many blog posts where I will describe the methods I used to create my Adventure game framework in Unity.

Why Unity?

When I first started working on Bik (in 2012) I was using Adventure Game Studio (AGS).  AGS is dead simple to use and has a really amazing community who actively keep it updated and can help you with just about anything!  After a few weeks into using AGS I realized it had some limitations.  For one, it had no built in  way to handle multiple aspect ratios. This was a big deal because I love widescreen gaming.

Another limitation was its ability to work on multiple platforms.  Yes, there are builds for various platforms including iOS, but these were not working well a year ago and they still are not very easy to get working.  It took Wadjet Eye 8 months to port Gemini Rue to iOS, and I haven’t heard any mention of android from them.

I wanted Bik to work on any device and any resolution.  Since I am one person, I couldn’t afford to spend the time optimizing for each platform. I also thought it would be great to be able to incorporate some form of 3D graphics into the game.  The answer was clear, Unity3D.


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Bik Profile Aavatar Icons!

To help spread the word, I’ve created this set of profile avatar icons that you can use on any of your various social websites and forums!  Enjoy!
Bik_Avatar_80 Bik_Avatar_120 Bik_Avatar_Cropped

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I am very excited about the music for Bik and wanted to share with you two tracks.  I hope you enjoy!

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First Official Wallpaper

I’m extremely excited to inform you that our artist Neil Numberman just sent in the first official wallpaper, check it out below!
Official Wallpaper #1...Right Click to save or set as Desktop Background

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