Back on Google Play and an iOS update

Bik is officially back on the Google Play store!

Sadly it’s a new listing and we lost a few hundred positive reviews and 4.8 rating AND our previous customers lost access to the game. If you’ve previously purchased Bik on Google Play please email me from our contact page and I’ll send a code for the new listing!

iOS News

On March 3rd 2016 an update on iOS will be released which fixes the no music bug and adds iCloud saves!

Both versions will also get the new jukebox mode.

Thanks for playing!

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Removed from Google play


We have relaunched Bik as a new app on google play.  If you purchased before on Google Play please email us through our contact form and we will send a code to download.  Thanks!


Bik is currently down off of the Google Play store. We are attempting to get through to someone at google to get it back up as soon as possible.

**If you purchased Bik on google play, please email us using the contact form by clicking here.

If you are on an android device, you can still download Bik directly from this website using the humble widget. You will get a drm free version, plus the soundtrack, and also the desktop version!

You will receive a steam key if purchased through this site.

DRM-free download for each of the following:
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

PLUS: DRM-free soundtrack in high – quality MP3, OGG, and FLAC.

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Steam Release date: October 14

Bik is officially coming to Steam on October 14!

Steam link:

If you’ve previously purchased Bik we will have steam keys available around that date.


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Coming soon to Steam!

Thank you so much everyone! Bik has been Greenlit by the steam community and is coming soon!

We are working as fast as we can integrating steam achievements and cloud save. As soon as we have a release date for Steam we will make a post to let you know. My hope is that it will be ASAP within the next 2 months.

If you purchase/purchased the game for any of the PC platforms (Windows, MAC, Linux) you will be getting a steam key!

Thanks everyone, we can’t wait for the steam release!


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Bik is now Available for iPhone, iPad, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle!

One of PocketGamers top 11 most anticipated games for August!
We are so excited to announce that Bik is officially available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Google Play Android, and Amazon Kindle!

The mobile version is selling for a special launch sale price of $.99!

Apple App Store iOS Android Google Play Store Amazon App Store Kindle

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Mobile Release Date!

Bik will be released for iPad, iPhone, Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store on August 14!

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Bik is officially available now!

Bik is now available for purchase and download on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android apk.
iPhone, iPad, and Google Play Store are coming soon.

Purchase here:

Soundtrack also available now!

We hope you enjoy playing!

If you want to see Bik on steam, don’t forget to vote on Greenlight. Click here to vote.

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Official Release Date

We are very excited to announce the official release date for Bik!

July 15, 2014

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. iOS to follow shortly.
Pre-order now to get DRM free versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android on release day!


Please contact us for a review copy!

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Quick video

While we get ready to announce the upcoming release date, here is a video of the Laterous jumping to planet SET.

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End of a beta.

Our public beta has officially come to a close!

We are currently going through the final reports and adjusting game play elements based on feedback.  Throughout the beta a lot of bugs were fixed, and the only remaining major bug left on our list is a broken dropbox login for Linux users.

Our current goal is to get Bik into a release ready build, run through the game a few more times to really make sure it’s solid, and submit for reviews.  After that, we will announce our release date for the various platforms.

Thanks to all the beta testers for their incredible feedback!


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