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Beta testing.

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working really hard on Bik this past year and are getting ready to release the full game in the coming months!

The game is complete and has been in testing for a couple months now, so the focus for this beta is getting feedback for the difficulty and clarity of puzzles. If this sounds interesting to you please sign up using this form:

Thank you everyone for your support! If you have any questions please leave a comment or send us a message.

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Bik at PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH!

We are very excited to announce we will be showing as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH MINIBOOTH at PAX on Saturday (4-12).  Stop by, say hello, and play Bik!

More about the MEGABOOTH


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Closing in on a beta!

As March approaches Bik finds itself getting closer and closer to a beta release!  All of the main puzzles, music, and story elements are in place. We are currently adding final dialogue for each level that is really helping to tighten up puzzles,  story, and flesh out the environments.

Our full trailer is coming soon. While your waiting, here are a couple animated screen shots and a new music track from Bik.  (The soundtrack is currently sitting at 1hr 16minutes of original music!)

Bik_CabbieTalk Bik_Chompers

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December Update!

Hey, Everyone!

Just want to give you all a quick update. Bik is still alive and currently in alpha testing. I’ve been super focused these past six months on finishing the programming and music for the main storyline of the game, and I’m happy to say that the game is now playable from beginning to end!

We’re preparing to release a trailer in early 2014, but in the meantime, here are some new-and-improved walking animations and a couple of screenshots to tide you over!





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The Planet Baste

The planet Baste is a gas giant whose inhabitants live on large floating land masses. The squeeg plant is a major export for the planet Baste, as it is a delicacy to many alien species, including the people of the planet Set.

For many years, independent farmers would directly sell their squeeg harvest to buyers through one of the many orbital marketplaces. In recent years a large corporation has built its own orbital station where it directly sells its unusually large volume of squeeg plants at a fraction of the price charged by the independent farmers.




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Great review of the demo from

Check out this great review of our teaser demo from!
” I became the weird sausage-headed being of my dreams and had the privilege of walking around its 70s-chique ship.”

“And oh, my, yes, the EFFING SOUNDTRACK! . . . People, it’s wonderful!”

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Bik Profile Aavatar Icons!

To help spread the word, I’ve created this set of profile avatar icons that you can use on any of your various social websites and forums!  Enjoy!
Bik_Avatar_80 Bik_Avatar_120 Bik_Avatar_Cropped

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I am very excited about the music for Bik and wanted to share with you two tracks.  I hope you enjoy!

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First Official Wallpaper

I’m extremely excited to inform you that our artist Neil Numberman just sent in the first official wallpaper, check it out below!
Official Wallpaper #1...Right Click to save or set as Desktop Background

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